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Zinish is an ultimate formula for skin, hair and nails. It is a proprietary blend of plant-based nutrients.  This is well-known for beauty enhancement as well.
Zinish includes grape seed extract that is rich in antioxidants. On the other hand, it is rich in enzymes and amino acids along with vitamins and minerals as well.

It helps in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. The unique blend stops hair fall and strengthen them. Your nails get essential nutrients as well.


Each tablet of Zinish Skin Hair and Nail Care contains:

Vitamin C 20mg
Vitamin D 0.005mcg Calcium 100mg Grape Seed Extract 3.75mg
Vitamin E 10mg Iron 3.5mg Hydrolysed marine collagen 50mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 2mg Iodine 0.05mg Inositol 50mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 1mg Magnesium 18.75mg MSM 50mg
Niacin 4.5mg Zinc 3.75mg Natural mixed carotenoids 0.5mg
Vitamin B6 2.5mg Selenium 0.041mcg Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 3.75mg
Folic Acid 0.1mcg Manganese 0.5mg Chromium 0.01mcg
Vitamin B12 0.005mcg Horsetail powder Extract 50mg Coenzyme Q10 1.25mg
Biotin 0.0375mcg L-Cysteine 25mg Copper 0.25mcg
Pantothenic Acid 10mg L-Methionine 12.5mg


Ask for a doctor’s advice and mention your health conditions as well.

Take two tablets of Zinish with every meal.


Consult your physician if you have some medical conditions.


Zinish skin hair and nail care tablets are available in a blister pack of 30’s.


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