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  • Strengthens the immune system and boosts body defense
  • Immunity
  • Natural Supplement

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Immunity Composition

  • Each capsule contains:
  • Vitamin B1 15mg, B3 50mg, B6 10mg, B12 10mg and Vitamin C 500mg
  • Folic Acid 400mcg,
  • Zinc 5mg
  • Curcumin Extract eq, to Carcumin 50mg.

Product Contain to Natural Origin.

Recommended daily intake:

1-2 Immunity capsules daily or as directed by the physician.


Protect from light, excessive & moisture.

Store in a cool & dry place below 30°C.

Keep out of reach of children.


If you are pregnant, Nursing or taking any medications consult your doctor before use.

This product is natural herbal remedy, and as per drug act 1976 it is not an allopathic drug. Product conforms to manufacturer’s specifications and made from natural herbal ingredients.

Elders are more prone to catch diseases therefore, it is really important for them to take immune boosters. Immune boosters support your immune system which eventually help your fighting germs. It strengthens your fighting germs which fight with all kinds of threats to your body. Immune boosters have no side effects when they are organic.

They are made up of natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. To choose a best immune booster, keep a look at the ingredients. It is best for you to choose an organic immune booster as there would be no chances for side effects in it.


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